Lotus UT series

Lotus UT are under table bread slicing machines from Lebema. They are adjustable in the height to fit perfectly under a table or shop counter. The machine is equipped with rolls, which lets you pull out the machine from under the counter for usage and can be pushed back to store it and save space.


Lotus UT machines are provided with the unique and patented "reverse cut circular blade system". These guarantees perfect slicing results but allows a pretty compact machine size at the same time. The machine depth is only 59cm, which makes it perfect for any integration into shop counters, which usually have a depth of 60cm.

On top the Lotus UT cuts with high speed of up to 160 slices/min and doing so it works totally vibration free.


Lotus bread slicers cut all kind of breads without oil lubrication of the blade. In addition we realized a complete new and unique hygiene concept. The work space is open to the front, which makes the machine very operator friendly to use, easy accessible and easy to clean. 

The cutting room can be reached and cleaned form the top by removing easily the left side top cover of the machine desktop.

The design of the cutting room back panel is design without hidden edges and corners, which guarantees no sticking bread crumps inside the machine. All crumbs fall perfectly into the removable crumb-tray.

The machine is built completely in stainless steel and is 100% Made in Germany.


  • adjustable slice thickness from 3-25mm in 0,5mm steps
  • cut loaf half or complete, cut loaf in halves as well as cut an adjusted number of slices (without additional charges)
  • open machine work space for an easy operator handling
  • hygiene design, cutting without oil, easy to clean cutting room
  • machine is completely made from stainless steel and rollable
  • perfectly made for bakeries, grocery stores and hotels

technical datas:

  Lotus UT pro Lotus UT small
version under table model under table model
blade circular blade 365 mm circular blade 365 mm
adjustable slice thickness 3-25 mm 3-25 mm
slicing speed 160 slc/min 160 slc/min
max. bread size (LxWxH) 40 x 30 x 13/15 cm* 29 x 30 x 13/15 cm*
max. bread size (will be cut in halves first) 60 x 30 x 13/15 cm* 45 x 30 x 13/15 cm*
machine dimensions (LxWxH) 80 x 60 x 80-86 cm 60 x 60 x 80-86 cm
connection 230 V 230 V
weight 112 kg 104 kg

* square formed loafes up to 13 cm height possible, domed loafes up to 15 cm height possible

Information material:

Lotus UT Pro
Flyer Lotus UT Pro neu engl.pdf
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Lotus UT Small
Flyer Lotus UT small neu engl.pdf
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